Starting a Neighborhood Email List

Creating a Gmail account and adding neighbors to the email list

  1. Block Captain: Create a new Gmail account using your street name (ex:
  2. Add your neighbors to the Contacts
    • – First and last name
    • – Street address
    • – Phone number
    • – Email address

    *Neighbors who wish to be added to the list are encouraged to email their information to your Gmail address and include who referred them or how they heard about the neighborhood crime watch list so you can verify that they live in your neighborhood and ensure they are approved (not a bad guy).

  3. Select all contacts and add them to a new group (name the group after your street).


Distributing email communications


  1. Neighbors: First, encouraged to report any crime, suspicious activity, or graffiti to RPD immediately by either dialing 911 for violent crimes and emergencies, (530) 225-4200 for non-emergencies, or online at
  2. Neighbors: Email pictures, video, and information about the crime or suspicious activity to the Gmail email address.
  3. Block Captain: Monitor the Gmail account for incoming messages.
  4. Block Captain: Forward the email message.image00
  5. Choose email recipients
    • – To: Gmail address
    • – BCC: The contact group (this will protect the privacy of your neighbors)


  6. Send