Mercy Canyon Transient Camp Cleanup Before & After

Prior to June 2013, residents of the Indian Hills neighborhood recognized they had a problem with transients and illegal campers near their homes. After repeated fires, stolen items, screaming and yelling that could be heard inside their homes, weapons being fired, drug deals taking place, and finally a drug dealer on a moped, they had enough and decided to do something.

An informal neighborhood association was formed and they contacted the City of Redding. The Association did get some response; however, they became frustrated with the political red tape and other issues. Problems related to the encampments continued to escalate and resident Nick Bundy and neighbors decided to take action. Bundy got permission to clear, clean and secure some of the properties in the greenbelt in the Mercy Canyon area. They notified the trespassers and campers that they had 7 days to remove their belongings and themselves. No one left. After the posted 7 days were up, Bundy and his friend Jake notified the trespassers and illegal campers they has 20 minutes to get their belongings and leave the property.

At the end of the clean-up, which took several days and many man hours, 16 tons of trash was removed, along with 2,300 pounds of bicycles and bicycle parts. The brush was cleared and burned to eliminate places for illegal campers to hide.

Indian Hills residents continue to work together to provide a safe, clean, and friendly neighborhood for their families and friends. Bundy gives his friend Jake Waldrop and the Indian Hills neighborhood credit for the success and ongoing effort in making Redding a safer city.

Before & After Pictures