April’s Crime Watch Meeting Recap

Crime Watch MeetingTo All Redding Merchant Crime Watch…

Yesterday’s meeting was a great turnout. Approximately 55 people were there. Good speakers, covering a variety of topics. A couple of highlights to share.

One would be how to get the information out and get more of the community involved. Ron Largent suggested using media to share the emails that go around through our group, so more know what is happening and he will pursue that, giving a report next meeting.

Second we now have a website to help us get the word out…http://www.reddingcrimewatch.com At the site you can:

  1. Report a crime directly to RPD
  2. Send out a Crime Alert
  3. Direct people to sign up for our email alerts
  4. Link to the Facebook Page

Thank you Matt Morgan from Optimize Worldwide for setting this up, any questions about how the site works you can reach Matt at 530-710-8283.

Lance Boek from North State Security gave the group some very valuable security tips, thanks Lance.

Jessica Delaney and Frank Strazzarino talked about the Homeless Event coming up in June.

Chris Hunt from RPD let us know about the “shopping cart” retrieval program they are working on and will send out information soon.

There was an update from Sheriff Bosenko and Chief Paoletti about current conditions.

The group thought meeting a little more often and changing up the time would be a good option, so I will set the next meeting for early June.

Thanks for all you do…ED