Crime Watch Meeting Agenda April 22 2014

AgendaSierra Room – Red Lion Hotel on Hilltop

2:00PM – 3:00PM

  1. Welcome and Brief Introduction of Group and Recent Efforts
  2. North State Security – Lance Boek
  3. Damsel in Defense – Erin Taylor
  4. Website Update – Matt Morgan
  5. Homeless Event – Jessica Delaney and Frank Strazzarino
  6. Sending Transients Home Funding – Chris Hunt and Eric Little
  7. Shopping Cart Retrieval- Scott Hyatt
    1. Code 496 Shopping Cart Removal/Have Stores sign that if removed it’s a crime
  8. Additional Ideas / Strategies?

To try and keep the meeting from being too long I am asking the speakers to try and do their presentations in 15 minutes. Hopefully we can be finished by 3:30pm…Thanks, ED

Ed Rullman
Partner/General Manager
C.R. Gibbs American Grille
Redding, CA 96002