Instructions for emailing Redding Merchants Crime Watch

  1. In the address line type
  2. In the subject line type the word CRIME in capital letters, this prevents SPAM. You can add more to the subject line if you put a space after the word CRIME. (Some people will not open the email without a subject being entered)
  3. Type your email and keep it simple. Who, what, where and when. If describing a person start with race, gender age, height , weight and hair color, clothing description beginning from the head to the footwear. Info on how they fled, on foot or vehicle (license/description of vehicle) and the direction of travel and hit SEND

*You will know that the email went through when you receive your own email…if you do not receive it then please go back and follow these steps.

If anyone has any problems feel free to email me and I will help you out.

Thanks for your efforts “Together we will make a difference”.

Ed Rullman
BW Plus Hilltop Inn/C R Gibbs American Grille


  • Forward emails to friends and other business owners
  • Encourage other business owners to join the email list


  • Click Reply or Reply-all, then add people you want to forward the email to. This will cause your personal message to be sent back out to the entire group.